What is a framework and why do we use it?
A framework is a reusable set of code that is used as the building blocks of higher-level pieces of software. In iOS specifically, it is a bundle (Directory structure) that contains public headers, shared libraries as well as sub directories of headers and other resources.

The best reason to use framework is that it can be built once and be reused an infinite number of times! WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere)

How to start :
Open Xcode, start by clicking on File->New->Project from top menu. Choose Cocoa Touch Framework Option from…

Using keys (may it be third-party initializer keys, API keys or your cryptographic secret keys) is usually inevitable when it comes to developing an app which performs more than just greeting Hello to the entire World 😁And obviously, we’d never love, even the thought of secrets (in our app) to be disclosed (just like in our real lives).

Imagine your Google Maps Key get leaked and now someone else is misusing your paid Google services for free, while you’re being overcharged for your actual usage — A nightmare!

You might be wondering, are our keys on client-side really vulnerable to…

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Techie by the day, Musician by the night. Product Manager, Software Person & Dev are some titles I’m known by. CTO & Co-Founder at Blink Co. Technologies.

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